Being a women has never been easy, especially nowadays. We not only take good care of the family, but also want to make achievements in career. And yet, we still want to look good. All of us have been throught the situation where we cannot squeeze into the bathroom to get your makeup on, because your roommate or spouse is using! Then, when you can choose to do the makeup somewhere else, you just do not get the same light as the ones in the bathroom. This is when you should start thinking about getting a vanity set.

The components of a vanity set is very simple, it takes nothing more than a mirror, a table and a chair/stool. If you are a handy person, it is not hard to DIY also, like the lady did in the video here.

A few points from the video.

Firstly, you want to pick out a right table. The table definitly needs enough space for the make ups, either a big drawer, or enough space on the table. If you are a makeup addiction, more than one drawer will be ideal. Also, the style of the table will be the highlight here. Since repaint is necessary in most cases, so you will have to make sure the style of the table fits right in your room.

Secondly, chair is the must have for the set.  Usually, we do not sit on this chair for over hours, like we do for officechairs. So we will only need to make sure the chair has correct style. Of course, if the chair is comfortable enough that it can used for other situation, it will definitely be a plus.

Last but not least, the mirror. And the light on the mirror is the most important part. The light cannot be too bright that you cannot focus on the mirror, not it can be too dim that the color of your make up looks different under sunlight. This means you need to pick the color and brightness you are most comfortable with.

There are several styles of the light, you can use the ceiling light in your room. However, these kinds of light usually are not bright enough for makeup. The desk light or floor light are better choices as they are placed closer to your face. There are also a lot of people choosing to have a hollywood style vanity light. If you care about every detail of your makeup, this is surely the best choice. They are closer to your face, and they light up your whole face so you can see every detail of your make up.

The project is not difficult for a handy person, and a little over 100 bucks is not very costly. However, a more efficient way is to order one from Amazon. With less than $100, the table, chair and light are all well finished! Click the following to see today’s deal for the Songmics vanity set!